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June 2018

Introducing Two New Portfolios For Your Review, Debating the Benefits of the Dollar's Strength, and an Examination of Stock Splits

As investing options become more and more diverse, we seek opportunities to streamline the investing process for our clients. With this in mind, our Investment Policy Committee has worked hard to put together two portfolios that we believe could benefit your overall financial plan. The first is a bond portfolio and the second is a Global All Cap ESG.

After you've reviewed those, we debate the benefits of a strong dollar vs. a weak dollar, take a look at what is now the second longest economic expansion in U.S. history, and share a guest post written by Newfound Research. Finally, Doug's Quiz Corner reviews how stock splits, and reverse stock splits, can impact your portfolio. 

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Looking to Invest in Fixed Income?

Introducing the MILES Bond Portfolio. Our fixed income strategy is made up of ETFs that each hold hundreds of underlying bonds that mature in different years and pay monthly dividends.

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Looking to Invest in ESG?

If you’ve been looking for a way to invest in more companies that are responsible about the environment, social causes, and their own governance – here’s your chance.

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A Strong Dollar or a Weak Dollar? It Depends On What You Want

On one hand, a strong dollar is good. On the other, a weak dollar is good. So which answer is really right? Well, it depends. Here’s why.

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Could We Be Facing a Recession Soon?

Of course, no one can predict exactly how the market will move – as February reminded us – but here’s why we’re not concerned about a pending recession.

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Guest Post: Preventing Slow Failure in Your Retirement Planning

In this guest post by Newfound Research, a portfolio manager examines how slow failure can be prevented along the investment path to retirement.

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Understanding Stock Splits and Reverse Stock Splits

Your friend Bill owns stock from two companies that are going through a stock split and a reverse stock split. How does this impact his cost basis?

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Does Your Retirement Plan Need An Update? 

Evaluating your retirement plan is a lot easier when you work with a Wealth Manager who is able to objectively evaluate your plan. Whatever your retirement goals are, we're happy to help you review your probability of success and to suggest changes that could increase the likelihood of you meeting your specific retirement goals. 

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Meet Seton McAndrews, CFP®

As a Certified Financial Planner®, Seton’s broad understanding of complex wealth management strategies allows him to help clients with their retirement, wealth accumulation and estate goals. He has extensive investment planning experience and has worked with high-net-worth clients for many years.

Seton graduated from Stanford University with a Bachelor of Arts in Human Biology with a concentration in Human Performance. Out of the office Seton is an avid runner, skier, traveler, San Francisco Giants fan, and lover of everything Cardinal.

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